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More customisation

There needs to be a lot more customisation such as colours, fonts, sizes, layouts e.t.c. I understand its in its early stages and look forward to seing what you allow us to customise.

antonio , 20.01.2011, 16:00
Idea status: under consideration


Kris, 20.01.2011, 16:45
Also, customizable links to programs on the web, not just the presets
max , 17.09.2011, 23:23
quero um sait com cores forte
obreiramaria, 22.03.2012, 18:19
fiz meu site mas não consigo fazer mais nada quero colocar fotos e mensagens como devo fazer?
Rafael, 22.06.2014, 20:32
That's a genuinely imspresive answer.

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