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I create an account but it wont let me log in

I can create an account but when I go to log in it tells me I have the wrong User name/Password

Chad , 20.01.2011, 16:10
Response from the site administrator
skrawlr, 29.01.2011
This problem has been solved through the addition of a password reset page. Please try to reset your password if you are having trouble logging in.

Idea status: completed


Chad, 20.01.2011, 16:14
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; en-US; rv: Gecko/20101203 Firefox/3.6.13
W, 20.01.2011, 16:39
FF3.6.13 on Windows 7/64

Account created. At login screen (asking for email and password) I have tried the email I used to create the account, the account name and the full account ( - all return invalid.
skrawlr, 20.01.2011, 16:17
Are cookies enabled?
Chad, 20.01.2011, 16:17
yes sir
Chad, 20.01.2011, 16:21
Same issue is Safari and Chrome
skrawlr, 20.01.2011, 16:23
Can you try making another account and see if the same thing happens?

Chad, 20.01.2011, 17:02
Still having the same issue.
Erin, 20.01.2011, 16:53
Same thing happened for me.
Mozilla/Windows XP/cookies enabled
TedTschopp, 20.01.2011, 17:04
Same Thing, Windows XP, IE8 cookies enabled...
Todd, 20.01.2011, 16:56
same problem here. Safari, OSX using last pass.
skrawlr, 20.01.2011, 17:56
do any of the account names contain unicode characters?
Chad, 20.01.2011, 18:02
standard alphabetical. you can email me for mine Justin
skrawlr, 20.01.2011, 21:07
If your account isn't working, please send an email to Thanks!

- Justin

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