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UTF-8 Compatibility

Character like ñ o ó that are latin, look very weird like "opción".

My timeline in twitter looks like that because of that.

PS: I'm from Colombia, so my native lenguage is the Spanish.

Ismael Jimenez , 20.01.2011, 16:53
Response from the site administrator
skrawlr, 11.02.2011

We have rolled out UTF-8 support in Skrawlr!

Idea status: completed


Josef, 22.06.2014, 09:33
MehieJoon,What can I say that hasn't been expressed arealdy by all those that loved you so very much? You were a beaming light. A man who never frowned, always smiled and lived life to the fullest. I remember when I first met you and Shirin. I remember telling my sister and Bahman how rare and beautiful it was to see such love between two people.I looked back on some of the emails we exchanged over the years and one stood out over the rest, and it was from your beloved wife before she gave birth to Nina and it made me smile. Shirin said I am really glad Mehrdad and I waited to do all the stuff we did before we decided to move to the next step. Having that time together made our relationship much stronger. Maybe 10 years was pushing it but no regrets. It makes me so happy and yet so sad when I read this because it reminds me how deeply the two of you loved and enjoyed each other. I am so devastated that you are gone and that Farzin and I were unable to spend more time with you guys. I am so very sad that we didn't come with you guys to Mexico, or fly up to San Fran for a weekend visit. I am filled with regret for not enjoying your friendship and love more and allowing life and work to get in the way.You introduced me to my husband, Farzin, your dear friend. For that I will be eternally grateful. I had a conversation with Farzin the other day that I want to share with you as well I don't know what people believe, or what their faith tells them to, but I do believe that you chose everyone in your life for reason, including my husband. You chose them to live, laugh and love together. To share precious memories that will now live with all of us and be a constant reminder of your loss.I believe that our souls ascend and we learn more in each life, retaining what we can from the ones we've experienced before so I know that we will all meet again. Our souls will recognize our friends and loved ones and we will be whole once more. This is the message I ask Farzin to take from your great loss. Why the universe had to take you so early, I don't know. But I do know that it is not over. You are missed Mehrdad and you are loved.I hope your soul is flying.With love,Colet

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