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have an easy way for people to contact me.

It would be great if people could leave a small comment on your page,that autohides. Or possibly, it would be great to have an inbox as well.

Jamie B , 21.01.2011, 01:54
Response from the site administrator
skrawlr, 21.01.2011
Just check off "enable contact page" and there you go! All messages sent through your page's form will be directed towards your signup email.
Idea status: completed


Raju, 22.06.2014, 04:32
Having just watched how you cteraed this October challenge video David i am doubly wowed by your creativity who would have thought such a story could come out of one original picture. The music and the effects are splendid. Thank you and thanks to your members who contributed with such amazing changed images. Elona.

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