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How do I make new tabs?

I don't even want an "about" tab!

Ellior , 21.01.2011, 02:10
Response from the site administrator
skrawlr, 22.01.2011
We are working on a way to choose your tab order as well as the tabs you want displayed.

Idea status: in process


skrawlr, 22.01.2011, 23:12
We really need to get a blog. In the mean time, updates and changelogs will be reported here.

Updates regarding this idea:
We are currently preparing all of our pages and the database for a changeover to a generic drag-and-drop tab-based (tab1, tab2, tab3, etc..) system from our current service tab-based (photos, videos, about, contact, etc...) system. You may notice some bugs while we move over to the new system. We will be moving all of our users over to the new system later this week upon completion.
Matias, 21.06.2014, 17:37
That is pretty spmlie. Create a database and a form that submits a name and email address to that database then create another form that you fill in with a title and message that will form the email. Then connect to the database, create a loop that grabs a persons name and email then sends an email to them then moves on to the next entry. You can even type variables like $name into the message to give a more personal touch. He has stuff on how to do all of this on his channel.

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