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Have capitals in our names

To have capitals in our names instead of all lower caps

tehrainbowguy, 22.01.2011, 05:38
Idea status: under consideration


Dharam, 22.06.2014, 10:54
Rex was a valued memebr of our Advance family and we miss him dearly. We feel pain, sadness and a sense of emptiness for our tragic loss yet find some comfort knowing the tremendous impact Rex made on so many people’s lives and in so many profound ways. Rex’s leadership, character and willingness to help others in such an unselfish manner disguised him and made him special. His talents went well beyond the great impacts he made to our business to the many people’s lives he touched in a very real and meaningful way. He was also always there to help, provide support and advice, and was a loving and caring husband, father, family memebr and friend to us all. Life is fragile and precious and through Rex we must cope with the fact that Life is not measured in time but instead by the impacts you make and have upon others. Rex made a permanent and meaningful impact on all of us and we will always rememebr Rex and the person he was. We also think dearly about Rex’s 2 beautiful children and lovely wife that were at the heart of his life and we pray for them. Rex’s children will carry his wonderful presence and traits which will destine them for great things ahead and all of our positive thoughts and energy go towards Shirins full recovery. My deepest condolences go to Rex’s family and friends and I consider it a privilege to have known Rex…Mike

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