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evandro , 23.04.2011, 22:23
Idea status: under consideration


Jana, 22.06.2014, 12:34
Mehi, Rex, Mehrdad ..Oh my I am so sorry and devastated by what has haenpepd. I have beenstruggling for weeks to actually express my condolences to Emami andTehrani families. I keep wishing and hoping that I'm just having abad dream and such a horrific news is not a reality. However, afterattending the memorial services, and a month later, I have surrendered to the realityand accepted the tragedy .. Mehi, you were truly one of a kind in many ways. You've touched somany people in so many positive ways. Your beautiful smile lightened upthe room. Your laughter brought joy. You've always extended an extra hand to help . You have made a special mark on our hearts forever I hope and wish for Shirin to pull through this horrific and for everlasting life event change. Nina and Leila need their mom to be there more than ever before. Shirin joon, I hope our prays to our creator is loud enough to makeyou heal and fight this fight Mehi is watching and protectingyou from up above.Nina and Leila will be reminded by family members and friends what awonderful, positive, loving, caring, hardworking, intelligent dad theyhad.I wish the Emami and Tehrani families an ever lasting strengthto pull through, and find a way to heal!!With deep sympathy and heavy heartsSheila Karagah & Ali Ghaemi

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